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A Bit of Background

Here at R'Shorts Film Club, we pride ourselves on creating a space where aspiring filmmakers of all levels and backgrounds can work towards a higher education in film both on set and in the classroom. Our quarterly productions make for a friendly and professional setting to learn new aspects of the craft and forge lifelong connections.



Making A Difference



At R'Shorts we make sure that the needs of the club members come first. Our productions are fully student produced from the page to the screen. With the support of our officers and UCR staff, we make sure that each production gets the attention it deserves so that our members can have the best learning environment possible.



Like any art form, our members pour their all into every aspect of production, and the club is always searching for new ways to support the club and our members. If we can't provide something, we help members to find what they're looking for or point them to someone who can.


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